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Flaming Nargles

A Harry/Ginny/Luna Community

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Flaming Nargles, a Harry/Ginny/Luna community
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The discussion and exploration of the relationship between and among Harry, Ginny and Luna.

Flaming Narrrrrrrgles Banner: A Harry/Ginny/Luna Community

Who we are:
This is a community for the discussion and exploration of the relationship between and among Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley. All items of interest that pertain to that trio are welcome here, from discussions about their relationship and their place within the Potterverse to fanfiction to fan art.

The only thing that we request is that you respect everybody else's opinions. We are a broad-minded and varied community, and we want to maintain the friendly and open exchange that has developed here.

flamingnargle is proud to be an affiliate of the omnibus archive, The Quidditch Pitch.

Co-maintainers are plaidphoenix and mickawber_fics

On Posting:
We welcome posts from our members concerning any facet of Ginny, Luna and Harry's relationship. We love to have fics and art posted, of course, and have had some wonderful discussions concerning the threesome, their characters, their relationship and their place in the Potterverse. We only ask that you refrain from spamming--if it doesn't pertain to G/H/L, it will be deleted.

For those posting fanfiction or art, please include a header including information about the piece, and hide the fic or artwork itself behind an lj-cut to help ensure the quick loading of pages for everyone. If it's NC-17/Adult Only, please label it as such. (In such cases, we usually set the font color to red, just for clarity's sake.)

If you have a piece of L/G/H (or near-L/G/H) fic or art to recommend, please go ahead! The same rules apply--link properly, include pertinent information, and make sure to note any age (or other) warnings prominently. If the piece is what we call one of our Nargles in the Closet (that is, a piece that comes close to--or goes beyond--G/H/L), please note the pairings as well.

The Flaming Nargles Library:
The master list of Harry/Ginny/Luna fics and art may be found HERE. It is kept current so if you come across a Harry/Ginny/Luna story/artwork/joke/icon/whatever, let us know! It includes the lists of entries in the Flame On!/Second Annual Flame On!, Flaming Nargles Holiday, Other Character and Dead/I'm Not Quite Dead Yet/Undead challenges, as well as our on-going drabble challenges.

Banners and Icons:
Community banner art from "Friendly Coming Together" used with permission from bonnieslasher

Community icons used with permission from brimac13, ladytory and mickawber_fics

"Flaming Narrrrrgles" Banner by mickawber_fics from art by reallycorking; used with permission from reallycorking (the artist) and delicfcd (the giftee)

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